K1 – Mat Black Velvet Grain

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The grain’s velvety surface beckons to be explored, offering a sensory experience that’s as opulent as it is visually striking. This architectural vinyl color doesn’t just command attention with its intense hue; it indulges the senses with its plush, inviting feel. Whether adorning interior spaces or commercial settings, the Mat Black Velvet Grain architectural vinyl effortlessly elevates its surroundings. Its commanding presence transforms any area into a realm of chic comfort, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the seamless blend of tactile delight and timeless design, all wrapped in the embrace of luxurious black.

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4" x 8" Sample, 48" by 1 Yd, 48" by 5.4Yd Roll (4ft x 15ft), 48" by 11 Yd Roll (4ft x 33ft), 48" by 27 Yd Roll (4ft x 81ft), 48" by 54 Yd Roll (4ft x 162ft)

High performance PVC vinyl, specifically designed for Interior Design ideal to cover flat and slightly curved surfaces. With more than 600 different textures available the Cover films are the perfect solution for any architectural covering installation.

Formulation and thickness give the film excellent opacity and high mechanical resistance during the application. Also good surface resistance to mild abrasion and light scratches. Easy to apply due to the adhesive with channels “APA Air Free FTX System” which allows the air to escape. The film is suitable for indoor applications and has achieved B-S2- D0 fire resistance according to the European classification.

Would you like to give your home a facelift without having to replace all your furniture? Are you looking to add a touch of colour to a wall or to personalise a piece of furniture? With coloured adhesive vinyl, let your imagination run wild for a tailor-made decoration.

Each colour has its own unique atmosphere. Whether “pop” or sober, they will embellish your walls and furniture. What are you waiting for to give your rooms or living areas a unique personality? You could also add a touch of colour to any room to bring it to life in an original way: at a key spot like a door or a chair!


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