NE47 – Soft Brushed Gold

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Soft Brushed Gold effortlessly transcends trends, making a bold statement while maintaining an understated refinement. Whether adorning wall or furniture, this architectural vinyl color adds a touch of opulence and sophistication, elevating any design to a realm of classic beauty. Its soft, lustrous surface catches the light in a dance of subtlety, casting a warm and inviting ambiance across any space it graces. This stunning shade evokes a sense of timeless elegance, reminiscent of gently aged gold brushed by a delicate hand.
Textured and conformable self adhesive vinyl covering for walls and furniture. Calendered vinyl film with polymeric adhesive coating.

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4" x 8" Sample, 48" by 1 Yd, 48" by 5.4Yd Roll (4ft x 15ft), 48" by 11 Yd Roll (4ft x 33ft), 48" by 27 Yd Roll (4ft x 81ft), 48" by 54 Yd Roll (4ft x 162ft)

High performance PVC vinyl, specifically designed for Interior Design ideal to cover flat and slightly curved surfaces. With more than 600 different textures available the Cover films are the perfect solution for any architectural covering installation.

Formulation and thickness give the film excellent opacity and high mechanical resistance during the application. Also good surface resistance to mild abrasion and light scratches. Easy to apply due to the adhesive with channels “APA Air Free FTX System” which allows the air to escape. The film is suitable for indoor applications and has achieved B-S2- D0 fire resistance according to the European classification.

Industrial décor at its peak.

Whether it be with a rust or aluminium effect, materials and reliefs are the big feature of our Metallic range. Give your interior a silvery or golden touch. Are you going for an industrial look? The sheet metal or carbon fibre effect will be ideal.

Modernise an interior: create a loft atmosphere easily by covering wardrobes and chair legs. In décor, the metal effect is a safe bet when it is applied tastefully….

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