FAQ Ultramatte colors

Yes, you can wash the car.

Yes, you will need to post-heat. It is best to post heat at 215 degrees Fahrenheit

During the removal process it is important to apply heat with a heat gun to the vinyl, up to a temperature of 50ºC. In regards to this, pay extra attention to the painted plastic parts and areas of the bodywork that have been repainted. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of the self-adhesive vinyl with the surface that it is to be applied to.

The time it takes to remove vinyl is affected by many factors, such as the time passed from the application, exposure of the decoration either outdoors or indoors, type of surface, temperature of the room and of the surface, etc.

For the best results, the UltraMatte vinyl should be cleaned with the pressure washer set at a low setting. It is also fine to clean the material with water and soap. For a good maintenance of the UltraMatte vinyl, regular cleaning is recommended.

Do not use a rag. For drying it is best to use a fan or let the car air dry

This is a very matte material in comparison to other vinyls. It is velvet-like and very smooth to touch.

No, there is no problem if the UltraMatte vinyl gets wet

Yes, the UltraMatte vinyl is very stretchable.

Ultramatte is vinyl with a suede/velvet finish made exclusively by APA. There are 5 colors that come in the Ultramatte finish: Black, Militray Green, Burgundy, Blue, and Grey.

APA’s UltraMatte material comes in rolls of 18 yards, 27 yards, and 54 yards. You can also by the material by individual yards. The width of the material is 57 inches.

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