APA Learning Experience 2019

Monday, March 25th, marks the start of the 2019 APA Learning Experience. Attendees arrive at the Brianteo Hotel in Milan, Monday Evening, commencing a 4 night / 4 day immersion in the APA brand and it’s country of origin. Included in the trip are two full days of materials training and certification on motion, architectural and over-top vinyls.

Why Certify with APA? Materials education is more than how to wrap. Unlike your typical wrapping class, the APA Learning Experience includes a crash course in materials marketing!  Know it, Use it, Love it. APA provides background on how the material is made, what makes it unique and the best product selection for ultimate customer satisfaction!

All work and no play makes for a dull event! Following the two days of exclusive learning, attendees are off to experience Italy with sightseeing and activities ranging from a stop at the Lamborghini factory to shopping and fine dining in Venice!


Check out social media #APAexperience2019 for exciting posts from the trip, new materials information and much more!

Wish you were part of the APA Learning Experience?
Only our top APA sellers, all exhibiting enthusiasm about the Brand were invited to fly out for an exclusive materials training.

That could be you!
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