Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Car Wrap

Yes you can! However, it is always best to double check with your dealership.

Post-heat is a crucial step that can’t be missed; especially on all RepoTack colors. Our films will lose memory between 205 to 215 Fahrenheit (95-100 degrees Celsius) Once it reaches that temperature the memory dies.
You must use a heat gun because the propane torch is too strong and provide less control of the heat! Must also use an infrared thermometer in unison with the heat gun to be able to measure the vinyl’s temperature during the post-heating process.

Heat the area by moving the heat gun around or back-and-forth (do not keep it stationary pointing at one spot as it may over-heat the vinyl too quickly) and use your temperature gauge to ensure the heat at the right temperature. So be sure to apply this to all complex shapes, recesses and extrusions: bumpers, mirrors, overlaps etc. If you don’t do this your vinyl could return to its original shape and start lifting, bubbling & curling if over stretched.

Never forgot your IR gauge. By thinking you can achieve the same results by just heating for a longer period of time. That type of guesswork is dangerous as you may overheat the vinyl and damage the finish!

Make sure the car is properly washed and free of dust before the installation process starts. 

During the removal process it is important to apply heat with a heat gun to the vinyl, up to a temperature of 50ºC. In regards to this, pay extra attention to the painted plastic parts and areas of the bodywork that have been repainted. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of the self-adhesive vinyl with the surface that it is to be applied to.

The time it takes to remove vinyl is affected by many factors, such as the time passed from the application, exposure of the decoration either outdoors or indoors, type of surface, temperature of the room and of the surface, etc.

Make sure the material is stored in a cool environment.

Warranty depends on the individual product line and also how the vinyl is taken care of. To find out the warranty of the a specific product, please visit the resources tab of website. In the resources tab you can find all the technical information regarding the product lines.

Installation prices depend upon the individual installer. Installation prices typically range from $2,500 To $6,000.

It depends on the individual color. On our swatchbook you are able to see if it applied in one direction. For metallic colors, we recommend installing in one direction.

It depends on the individual color. On our swatchbooks you are able to see if it applied in one direction. For metallic colors, we always recommend installing in one direction.

No, vinyl wrap is not permanent.

The best way to clean the material is with water and a neutral soap. Make sure the soap doesn’t have an additive, polish, or an other add ins! The more neutral the soap is the better

UltraJet: Our newest technology. The 4th generation of our technology. Pressure Sensitive. Makes the installation process faster and easier. Easy to adjust into position because of the its slideability feature. Post heat the material after installation.   Repotak: Our 3rd Generation Technology. Heat Sensitive. Needs to be heated in order to become stretchy. Needs to be posted-heated to remove air bubbles or bumps.

A vehicle wrap should not damage factory or high quality paint. If the vinyl is removed properly, then the vinyl won’t leave residue, or remove any paint or clear coat.

FAQ Ultramatte colors

Yes, you can wash the car.

Yes, you will need to post-heat. It is best to post heat at 215 degrees Fahrenheit

During the removal process it is important to apply heat with a heat gun to the vinyl, up to a temperature of 50ºC. In regards to this, pay extra attention to the painted plastic parts and areas of the bodywork that have been repainted. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of the self-adhesive vinyl with the surface that it is to be applied to.

The time it takes to remove vinyl is affected by many factors, such as the time passed from the application, exposure of the decoration either outdoors or indoors, type of surface, temperature of the room and of the surface, etc.

For the best results, the UltraMatte vinyl should be cleaned with the pressure washer set at a low setting. It is also fine to clean the material with water and soap. For a good maintenance of the UltraMatte vinyl, regular cleaning is recommended.

Do not use a rag. For drying it is best to use a fan or let the car air dry

This is a very matte material in comparison to other vinyls. It is velvet-like and very smooth to touch.

No, there is no problem if the UltraMatte vinyl gets wet

Yes, the UltraMatte vinyl is very stretchable.

Ultramatte is vinyl with a suede/velvet finish made exclusively by APA. There are 5 colors that come in the Ultramatte finish: Black, Militray Green, Burgundy, Blue, and Grey.

APA’s UltraMatte material comes in rolls of 18 yards, 27 yards, and 54 yards. You can also by the material by individual yards. The width of the material is 57 inches.

FAQ Tail-Lights

No, taillight smoke vinyl film cannot be used as window tint. However, some of the customers use our taillight film on polycarbonate motorcycle’s windshield 

Yes, taillight vinyl film can be used on headlights as well. On the headlights we recommend to use the taillights without air release. 

Yes, the taillight vinyl film needs to be post-heated at 215°F

Make sure the surface is clean and dry before beginning the installation process

  • APA’s Taillight vinyl film with air release channels comes in 3 different shades: Light, Medium, and Dark
  • APA’s Taillight vinyl film without air release channels comes in 2 different shades: Light and Medium
    • We even have a matte light taillight film

Yes, the taillight vinyl film is stretchable like our car wrapping material. Our taillight smoke film is full cast PVC, that makes it easier to stretch with heat.

Tail light film not only makes your car more stylish, but also prevents yellowing and cracking of your lights.

Taillight smoke film with air release channels require dry application and taillight smoke film without air release require wet application.

Most of our customers prefer dry application because it makes the installation process faster and easier.

The width of our taillight film is 19.5 inches. APA Taillight film comes in 5 yards, 10 yards, 25 yards, or 32 yard

FAQ Frosted films

All of our films are very durable, however care still should be taken not to scrape or gouge films.

Yes, most of our films can be installed onto Plexiglas or Polycarbonate sheets. Unlike glass or mirror, Plexiglas expands and contracts by temperature and also emits gasses. This may cause many small air bubbles between glass surface and film as time goes on, causing the film to appear wrinkled or blistered.

Yes, you can.

Yes, you can remove frost material.

Always on the inside if possible. The films will stick to the outside, but the life of the films will be reduced due to weathering if installed on the exterior side (exposed to the elements).

We have both frosted film with air release and without air release.

Dry application is used for frosted material with air release. Wet application is used for frosted material without air release.

Peel away the film from one corner and pull the film from the glass. If any adhesive remains on the glass it can easily be removed with a spray of soapy water and a single edge razorblade.

Yes, both adhesive and static cling films can be installed in humid and moist conditions.
If being installed on a shower door, mounting on the outside of the shower door is recommended.

Yes, it is easy to install.

We have the regular, blue, gold, green, pink, yellow, and sandblast frosted vinyl.

Frost film also known as etched glass is a self-adhesive film, ideal for full or partial covering of glass windows. It uses a crystal effect.

We have FT and FX frosted material which is the air release frosted material. This makes installation easy and quick.

Under reasonable weather conditions, film will dry flat with no blisters within 30 days when viewed under normal viewing conditions. Normal viewing conditions are viewing treated windows from a distance of ten feet from the room side, looking at a clear or uniformly overcast sky. Since a particle-free application isn’t possible, there may be small amounts of dust or grit caught between the film and glass.

There may also be a small amount of water left behind the film, particularly with the thicker films. Please be patient. Although in most cases this evaporates within 5-7 days, in rare cases this could take up to 90 days for the water to fully evaporate through the film.

Frosted material is available in 10 yards, 27 yards, and 54 yards.

Basically, you will need tools to clean the glass, cut the film, squeegee the film and spray the soap and water solution.


APA TRUCK was made with goal of making the decoration of truck curtains faster and simpler, reducing expensive downtime and, above all, offering our customers a greener and healthier alternative to paint.

APA truck material is a Superior quality Cast Truck film with a high level covering power, specifically manufactured for PVC curtain sided vehicles. Equipped with the exclusive APA-ColTruck/ UltraP Plus adhesive, APA truck has been formulated to weld onto the PVC curtain surface and with it resist the strains they are subjected. Thanks to its high degree of conformability and elasticity the film, when applied, perfectly follows the curtain textures and does not fear rolling up. Excellent coverage and excellent printability with brilliant and defined colors. For a dry application only.

APA TRUCK, an ultra-conformable and elastic cast film, is formulated to stick to PVC curtains, so that they can withstand the stress to which they are subjected to daily on the roads across the world.

Since 1193 APA Truck films are travelling along the roads of the world. Today, 25 years after its debut, this cast film is met with warm approval by a market which increasingly recognizes and appreciates its unique and unparalleled features.

The film has been formulated to weld onto PVC curtain surface.

Yes, you can cut it using a regular plotter. We offer colors plotter vinyl and printable vinyl; both can be cut using your plotter.

It is recommended to apply the film in a room with a temperature between 15° and 28°C.

Never use a hairdryer, detergents, never heat the lamination during the application phase. Do not use rough sponges and cloths, abrasive creams or very strong solvents.

Before applying the vinyl it is necessary to clean the PVC-curtain carefully and remove any trace of grease. It is recommended to use ethyl alcohol or iso-propane: the quick evaporation avoids any liquid drops that may remain trapped in the porosity of the curtain. In any case, at the end of the cleaning, use a dry cloth to eliminate any remaining residue.

With the APA Truck vinyl for digital print it is necessary to pay much attention to the drying process of the solvents contained in the inks, as their presence could compromise the adhesion of the decoration. Before laminating the printed material with transparent vinyl L/281 or L291 (and in any case before applying the printed material on the curtain) make sure that the solvents contained in the inks are evaporated completely. The waiting period could be between 24-72 hours.

In order to transfer the graphics from the liner to the PVC curtain to be decorated, we suggest the use of APA AT/5 paper application tape or an application tape with a medium or low tack adhesive to avoid using too much force when removing it. Using a higher tack could result in a detachment of the vinyl from the curtain.

We recommend to use a soft with felt. Our Green Soft squeegee with the microfiber lime buffer is a perfect fit for these installations.

For a correct application of the APA Truck vinyl, place the curtain you want to decorate on a flat and rigid surface. If the curtain is placed on the truck it is necessary to put a rigid panel behind the curtain. The application of the APA Truck vinyl must be done at a temperature no less than 10°C. To obtain the maximum adhesion of the vinyl onto the curtain we recommend the dry application method. We advise against using the wet application method, as the porosity of the curtain could detain parts of the liquid. The trapped liquid between the vinyl and the curtain could compromise the adhesion of the vinyl. Use a low/medium tack application tape to avoid using too much force when removing it. Using a higher tack could result in a detachment of the vinyl from the curtain. Remove the tape at least half an hour after the application, this will allow the adhesive of the APA Truck vinyl to adhere to the curtain. The maximum adhesion of the APA Truck vinyl happens after 48 hours. Therefore, we recommend to allow the curtain rest for at least 72 hours before using the vehicle. If possible, avoid putting the vinyl on top of other vinyl and onto parts of the curtain that undergo strong excessive mechanical stress or continuous bends like the areas of opening/closure. The APA Truck vinyl must be applied onto a smooth curtain. Do not apply onto folds, creases and seams.

Graphics sticking in the wrong places is prevented by applying the correct method of application (hinge method), experience and precision.

Only proper application can prevent wrinkles and blisters. The application techniques are the same, however it must always be kept in mind that the material is softer than a normal cast, so use extra caution and work at a temperature no higher than 28 degrees. The material must always be applied on a clean sheet and horizontally on a flat surface.

The application to partially or totally cover a sheet is identical. In any case, it is necessary to check the surface state of the cloth so that it is uniform and regular.

The truck can only be applied to a regular and flat sheet, not to straps or reinforcements that would alter its thickness, causing possible detachment and water infiltration.

We advise against the wet application method, as the porosity of the curtain could detain parts of the liquid. The trapped liquid between the vinyl and the curtain could compromise the adhesion of the vinyl.

In case small bubbles form due to an incorrect application, you can try to make very small holes on the bubbles. For large bubbles, you will have to remove and redo the graphics.

The curtain must be washed with non-aggressive detergents (no solvents or steam washes 100°C) and put much attention to the use of the pressure pistol: an insistent water jet exerted on the borders of the vinyl could create detachments and compromise the adhesion of the decoration. We recommend that you communicate these cleaning instructions of the curtain to the end user.

The surface of the vinyl is delicate and therefore should be treated with care. Avoid rubbing against objects that could cause scratches or ripping of the vinyl beyond repair. An extended exposure to solar rays and to atmospheric agents could provoke a premature aging of the film. In regards to the digital print series, gloss films can lose shine and give a matte appearance. We recommend protecting the decorated surface from the sun and the elements to the greatest extent possible. For good maintenance of the vinyl, regular cleaning is recommended. To maintain the original finish of the vinyl with clear colors it is essential not to allow dirt to accumulate. In order to save the graphics, always roll the banner with graphics face up. Never fold the banner. If a film deterioration should arise, for example, fading, change of color or become brittle, the an immediate removal is recommended.

FAQ Interior Films

Compared to other renovation methods, an adhesive coating is easier and faster to apply. It is also more durable and enables you to renovate your furniture rather than throw it away.

A self-adhesive film is a vinyl covering that can be applied to walls, furniture or doors. It is the ideal solution for any interior decoration or renovation and perfectly recreates the materials (wood, marble, textile, metallic, glitter, leather, natural stone, solid color) since most of these adhesive vinyls have a structure.

It is a non-invasive solution that does not generate dust or odor. It’s faster, easier to maintain and has better resistance. With an adhesive film, the result is more structured and very realistic visually and to the touch. Also, you will not have to close your establishment during the renovation and, of course, with paint, a fresh coat would be necessary after a while; with our films, its appearance does not change.

Yes, and we also have the IMO certification for the application of our films in maritime environments.

Calendared PVC may show a small amount of shrinkage over the years (2 to 3 mm), this is why it is recommended to leave an overlap between the strips.

No, the adhesive vinyl applied inside environments will not lose its color because it is UV treated.

Just use a cloth and water to clean an adhesive vinyl. We offer a set of products specific for the after care of PVC vinyl.

Certainly, you can easily apply an film on top of another. It is of course not recommended to do this for films that are too structured like leather, glitter, etc.
It is recommended not to apply more than 3 coatings on top of each other.

Yes, but we recommend that you take part in our training or contact a professional for optimal results. However, if you want to apply our films by yourself, you can find installation tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

It is possible to print on our Cover Styl’ with a UV printer.

Yes, the majority of our adhesive vinyls are moisture resistant, but depending on the application you may need silicone for the edges. Of course, we do not recommend ranges such as leather, glitter, etc.

Applying our films on tiling is entirely possible, you then decide whether you want to mark the joint or work the joint beforehand in order to have a flat surface.

Most of the references are not intended only for application on a flat surface, they can stretch up to 15% in order to adapt to many surfaces.

Yes, the adhesive coatings are moisture resistant. You can apply them on shower, bathtub or bathroom furniture as long as the surface is clean before applying the vinyl. However, we advise you to apply silicone to edges in contact with water. Certain ranges are of course not recommended such as glitter, leather, etc.

It depends on the surface. They can be repositioned if the surface is smooth/laminated. However, the more you reposition the vinyl, the less effective the glue will be. Finally, on some surfaces (e.g. paint), repositioning the film will damage the surface and the film will no longer be able to be bonded. So be careful and use the services of a professional if necessary.

The ideal application temperature for adhesive coatings is between 15 and 25 °C, so you can easily apply it in a house, hotel or office. Therefore, for example, avoid placing a very hot object such as a pan directly on the coating.

It depends on the coating. In fact, structured adhesive vinyls like the Wood range have few problems with scratches, unlike “smooth” vinyls like the Solid Color range, for example. Our “Soft Touch” series is treated with a silicone that makes it even more robust with regard to scratches.

It is entirely possible to remove our films without risk if it is applied to a laminated surface. However, if it is applied to wallpaper or paint for example, your original surface will be damaged.

You can install an adhesive covering outdoors or on the floor but we do not recommend it. Furthermore addition, the warranty does not apply if an adhesive film is applied on the floor or outdoors.

The standard Primer is a water-based bonding liquid for porous surfaces that absorb and the Solvent Primer is solvent-based for laminated and hard (non-absorbent) surfaces. The application of the water-based primer is done on the entire surface while the solvent primer is applied only at the edges, corners and all critical points.

Green references are in stock in 7-15 days with a minimum order of 5ML for installers/certified personnel. The red references are available within 1-5 weeks with a minimum order of 25M. As for blue references, this is a mix between references intended to be discontinued and those for which the manufacturer forces us to place a minimum order.

Yes, contact us for more information.

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