With APA Truck film you can personalize or renew commercial vehicles with unique and exclusive colors, and it’s ‘always simple and fast’.

APA Truck is the Cast film for plotters and printable with solvent, UV and Latex printers. Specifically manufactured to personalize trucks and curtain sided vehicles and tarps.

APA TRUCK was conceived with the aim of making the decoration of truck curtains faster and simpler, reducing expensive downtime and, above all, offering our customers a greener and healthier alternative to paint. Today, 25 years after its debut, this cast film is met with warm approval by a market which increasingly recognizes and appreciates its unique and unparalleled features. APA TRUCK, an ultra-conformable and elastic cast film, is formulated to stick to PVC curtains, so that they can withstand together the stresses to which they are daily subjected on the roads across the world.

In addition to the plotter vinyl films, the APA TRUCK line is completed by the digital print version, in gloss and matt variants. The film can be coupled with the corresponding lamination to improve the durability of the printed graphics that are subjected to wear caused by mechanical actions and atmospheric agents. The excellent coverage and superb printability guarantee bright and defined colors, even on dark backgrounds. Recommended for Solvent – Eco Solvent – UV and Latex printers.

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– More than 9.000.000 m2 sold on 5 continents
– Easy to cut and weed
– Quick application even on a mounted curtain
– Long outdoor life
– Clean and safe application for the fitter
– Eco-sustainable certified production


– Quick application even on a mounted curtain
– Excellent covering power even on dark backgrounds
– Outstanding printability with vivid and defined colors
– Long outdoor life thanks to specific protective coatings
– Environmentally friendly application
– Eco-sustainable certified production

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