APA OverTOP 3D effects

Getting bored with the decor in your home?  Looking for a quick and easy fix? Look no further.s

Apa offers an innovative solution to rejuvenate the space in your home, office, or any other venue. We have added 8 new OVERTOP films to fit every lifestyle.

The new OVERTOP line is composed of special adhesive materials which, thanks to their characteristics, turn out to be the real substitutes for the materials used to cover furniture . OVERTOP’s surface, having excellent anti scratch and shockproof properties, allow the decoration of various horizontal and vertical surfaces in home furnishings, walls, floors. Etc.

Our OVERTOP material is very different from the regular architectural films on the market. APA OVERTOP films are thicker, slicker and a lot more durable; a complete new world. The product line provides 5, 10, and 15 meters worth of material for any project.

The OVERTOP provides product certification as follow

  • Fire Reaction Classification: B-s2-D0
  • Retention Of Dirt Classification:  ⃤ L<1
  • Domestic Use Classification: AC3
  • Commercial Use Classification: AC5

In order to take full advantage of the potential of OVERTOP products, It is essential to learn a series of accurate processing techniques; therefore, before the purchase, it is recommended to attend a specific application workshop course.

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