APA TRUCK – Permanent cast film for curtain sided vehicles

With APA Truck film you can personalize or renew commercial vehicles with unique and exclusive colors, and it’s ‘always simple and fast’.
APA Truck is the Cast film for plotters and solvent, UV and Latex printers. Specifically manufactured to personalize trucks and curtain sided vehicles, it is a ‘high quality material with excellent performance qualities’, resulting from APA’s ‘experience and technology’.
APA Truck is a highly conformable film to resist the daily mechanical stresses and different kinds of weather to which curtains are exposed to. It is a ‘fast, healthy and non-pollutant alternative’ to paint.
The immediate and fast application ensures that APA Truck helps to ‘minimize the standing time of a commercial vehicle’. There is also the transparent laminate film available in gloss and matte finish to protect the printed images available in this range.

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