Feature Friday UltraMatte Green

Feature Friday: A distinctive choice, UltraMatte Green with Alex

In our pursuit to delve deeper into the fascinating world of car wraps, we’re thrilled to introduce our new “Feature Friday” segment.
Today, we bring you an exclusive interview with a valued customer:
Alex, who has embraced the remarkable UltraMatte Military Green color for their car wrap transformation.
You can find him under the instagram handle @SRFRJA

Introducing UltraMatte Green:

A hue that embodies the essence of serene natural landscapes.
This shade seamlessly merges the rich depth of lush foliage with the velvety smoothness of a matte finish…
Creating a visual experience that is both captivating and refined.
The absence of gloss imparts an understated elegance, allowing it to radiate a muted intensity that is both modern and timeless.
Like gazing into the heart of an ancient forest, this ultramatte green color exudes a quiet confidence and an aura of tranquility.
Making it a truly distinctive choice for any design or aesthetic venture.

When asked about the inspiration behind their choice, Alex told us he picked this color for his BMW G80 M3 because “I haved always loved the suede color since I saw it on RodSpeed Signature C43 AMG”.
He worked in collaboration with RodSpeed, who was the installer.
Additionally he said that it was “amazing work” and that “they did it with no hassle.”
Besides, he said that R44 Performance and Airlift Performance were involved in this project too.

Also, he gave EVOLV/APA 4.8/5 from his experience and mentioned that:
“The look on the car looks way better than any regular Matte Color. The only issue I’ve run into is the stains the car gets, I haven’t been able to find the proper way to do it.”

We took advantage of the moment to inquire about his preferred color for the next wrap session: Candy Red! 🔥
And last but not least…
Alex shared with us that he loves that he can create dreams into reality for his own cars and customers cars.
And we agree!

Stay tuned for more Feature Friday segments, as we continue to unravel the captivating stories behind our remarkable car wrap colors.


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