Feature Friday Dead Red

Feature Friday with Sean: Exposing the Power of DEAD RED

Welcome to another exciting edition of Feature Friday!
This week, we’re diving deep into the world of car customization with a focus on a captivating color that’s turning heads on the streets – Gloss Metallic Dead Red. We had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our valued customers to discuss their experience with this stunning car wrap color.

To provide you with an insider’s perspective, we chatted with avid car enthusiast and proud owner of a Dead Red wrapped vehicle, Sean, who shared their journey of transforming their car’s appearance.
You can find him under the Instagram handle @seanhasjokes.

Firstly, Sean said to us that he choose this Dead Red color for his BMW because “you get two amazing reds in one vinyl material and sometimes you can see an orange flake. And, the metallic flake in this vinyl is incredible.”

In addition, he told us that no one believes him when he says it’s a wrap when they see his car 🙂

Curious minds might wonder about the process of transforming a vehicle with a Gloss Metallic Dead Red wrap.
Sean detailed his experience with the installation process, highlighting that he worked in collaboration with Ghost Industries and told us the experience with this installer was amazing.
Moreover, our friends of Paint is Dead were involved in this project too 🙂

Also, he gave EVOLV/APA 5/5 from his experience and mentioned: “Amazing quality of vinyl and amazing customer service”.

As our conversation drew to a close, it was clear that Gloss Metallic Dead Red had left an indelible mark on Sean’s car customization journey.
This captivating color wrap isn’t just a trend; it’s a timeless choice that elevates any vehicle to new heights of elegance and distinction.

Last but not least, we inquired about his preferred color for the next visual experience, and his response left us pondering: Deep Space (purple, blue, teal, pink and orange)
Can you imagine an EVOLV car wrap in any of that hues?
We do! Because we have it, click here to find yours 🙂

Are you ready to make a statement on the road?
Consider the allure of Gloss Metallic Dead Red and join the ranks of passionate car enthusiasts like Sean who have embraced this remarkable color.
Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and features on our next Feature Friday!


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