Feature Friday Cryo Blue

Feature Friday with NEW Paint Is Dead Color: Gloss Pearl Cryo Blue

Embark on an exhilarating exploration of the mesmerizing process of transforming your car with Gloss Pearl Cryo Blue car wrapping.

Gloss Pearl Cryo Blue: The new collaboration with Paint Is Dead.
Austin Smith, of Paint is Dead, has brought back another blue, back to back with YaasBlue Metallic, Cryo Blue Pearl brings the clearest blues into a clear pearl mixture, which results in one of the purest blue hues on the market! Cryo Blue Pearl is a refreshing, strong color, mixed with a deep liquid gloss to bring to life an amazing identity to your vehicle, unlike anything else on the market! Don’t miss the Cryo Blue Printed Art too.

Join us this Feature Friday as we unveil Jose’s captivating car wrap adventure. Witness the transformation of his vehicle into a moving masterpiece adorned in the stunning hue of Cryo Blue. Follow his automotive journey on Instagram, where he shares his experience and showcases the final outcome. Under the skillful hands of the car wrapping team, Jose’s vision comes to life with unwavering expertise and precision.

The result is nothing short of awe-inspiring – Jose’s car gleams resplendently, capturing the essence of Cryo Blue in all its captivating glory. Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into the world of automotive transformation and witness the breathtaking finale at @theultimatecarguy.



When questioned about the inspiration behind his choice, Jose shared that he opted for this particular color for his Supra because he was “looking for something truly unique.” Collaborating with Denar Garage as the installer, he expressed a stellar experience, rating it an exceptional 12/10.

Furthermore, Jose highlighted the involvement of notable entities like Paint is Dead, ANSA Motorsports, and Supra Connection in bringing his project to life. Singling out EVOLV/APA, he bestowed a perfect 5/5 rating, emphasizing the eye-catching allure of the color. According to him, the pearl in the blue and its proximity to white in low light make it particularly captivating.

Seizing the moment, we delved into Jose’s future preferences, learning that his next wrap session might feature the striking Oak Green Metallic from Porsche 🔥
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And finally, a heartwarming note from Jose, who shared that his love for cars traces back to childhood moments spent riding in family vehicles, captivated by the mesmerizing sight of the wheels in motion.

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