Feature Friday Gloss Rainstorm Grey – @nardogray911

On Fridays we showcase one of our awesome customers here on our website and on our social media pages under the hashtag #APAFeatureFriday. For our third Feature Friday we are excited to feature @nardogray911 !

@nardogray911 owns a Porsche 911. He’s a big Porsche fan and has actually owned 9 Porsches! He is always looking for a new Porsche.

Gloss Rainstorm Gray was installed on @nardogray911 ‘s car by Von Wraps located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. His original car color was Miami Blue and although he loved the color, he wanted something more low-key and less loud than Miami Blue. The color he wanted was Audi’s Nardo Gray and APA has the perfect match to it with our Gloss Rainstorm Grey! He had always been a fan of he Audi color, so our Gloss Rainstorm Grey was perfect fit for him! After he got the car wrapped in Gloss Rainstorm Grey a lot of people actually thought that he got a new car and were surprised that the car was wrapped, not painted!

Stay tuned for next week’s Feature Friday!

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