Feature Friday Gloss Sandstorm – Eddie

It’s time for this week’s APA’s Feature Friday!

On Fridays we like to showcase one of our awesome customers here on our website and on our social media pages under the hashtag #APAFeatureFriday.

For this week’s Feature Friday we are happy to feature EDDIE! You can find him under the Instagram handle @WIDE_DC5.
Moreover, a fun fact about Eddie is that
aside from being into cars, he plays music for his church band including the bass, guitar, drums, piano and the ukulele!
He just got his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Communications. 
Eddie loves working with kids, he cuts hair and loves spending time with family.

Eddie is someone who seeks to have his car looking unique. He commented:

 “With my current custom work I’ve done on my widebody, the Gloss Sandstorm Vinyl Wrap was the perfect color to go along with my setup and white wheels! I also saw that it matched the Toyota shade of Sandstorm color, which is what I really wanted!” 

He rated his experience 5 out of 5 because “the material itself was very easy to work with, adhesive has stayed on very well and it’s gloss shine is perfect.”

Eddie installed the vinyl himself with the huge help of his friend @manuelxrojas. He shared: 

 “Installation went very well, we are not professional wrappers at all, but great material to work with, as even for new to the wrapping game!” 

Shoutout to his two buddies: @manuelxrojas and @lowy86_ who were always down to help and motivate Eddie in this process!

Next color he wants to see on his car is a nice fierce red or black!!

Eddie owns a 2006 Acura RSX Type S.


Thank you Eddie for trusting us and for sharing this week’s Feature Friday with us! 

Stay tuned for the next Feature Friday!

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