Feature Friday Silk Inferno Red – Jay and Chris

On Fridays we showcase our awesome customers here on our website and on our social media pages under the hashtag #APAFeatureFriday.

For our second Feature Friday we have a double feature! We are excited to feature Jay and Chris! You can find them on Instagram under the handles @716gtr and @boostakits, respectively.

Chris and Jay are business partners and co-owners of The Lab North America located in New York! Both Chris and Jay got our Silk Inferno Red , made with our Ultrajet technology, installed on their cars at The Lab North America. Jay has a Nissan GT-R and Chris has an Audi R8.

Chris picked Silk Inferno Red because he loved the color after seeing it on a Mercedes around the time that we released the color! The color was unique and nobody in the area had something like that at the moment, so he knew that having his car in Silk Inferno Red would make heads turn. Jay actually got the Silk Inferno Red vinyl because he saw it on Chris’s car and instantly fell in love with the color. He loves the color because it is cool and looks amazing in person! Jay receives a lot of compliments for the Silk Inferno Red on his Nissan GT-R.

Jay is “in the hospitality/lodging business, floor cleaning and epoxy floor business, along with being in a vehicle cosmetic customization business.” A fun fact about Chris is that he’s a big fan of cars and he loves how people can express themselves through their car.

Stay tuned for next week’s Feature Friday!

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