feature friday angelina dimova

Feature Friday Spotlight: Collaborating with Angelina Dimova

Embark on an Exciting Journey into Gloss Gulf Blue Car Wrapping:

Discover the captivating process of transforming your car with the stunning Gloss Gulf Blue hue, beginning with the crucial choice of a seasoned car wrapping specialist.
Their first task involves a meticulous inspection of your vehicle’s surface, ensuring it is flawlessly clean, devoid of imperfections that might compromise the vinyl wrap’s adhesion.
Once this groundwork is laid, the precise application of Gloss Gulf Blue vinyl unfolds, orchestrating a complete metamorphosis of your car’s appearance.

evolv feature friday angelina dimova
evolv feature friday angelina dimova
evolv feature friday angelina dimova

Angelina's Car Wrap Adventure Unveiled:

In this week’s Feature Friday, we had the distinct privilege of shadowing Angelina’s extraordinary car wrap journey, witnessing her vehicle evolve into a moving masterpiece adorned in Gulf Blue.
Follow her automotive transformation on Instagram via her handle @angelina_dimova.

We joined her on this exhilarating voyage, experiencing firsthand the unwavering expertise and precision of the car wrapping team as they brought her vision to life.
The final outcome left us awe-inspired, with Angelina’s car gleaming resplendently in the captivating hue of Gulf Blue.

Angelina shared with us the thoughtful process behind choosing Gulf Blue for her Mercedes Benz S-Class Barbus: “I love this color.” When asked about what makes this color so distinctive and attention-grabbing, Angelina emphasized, “it is unique for the car I have.”

Taking on the installation herself, she described the experience as thoroughly enjoyable! 😊
On this occasion, she rated EVOLV/APA a stellar 5/5 because she wants to showcase her experience.

evolv feature friday angelina dimova

In summary, wrapping your vehicle in Gloss Gulf Blue not only enhances its visual appeal but also provides protection and versatility.

This captivating color infuses your ride with the vibrant essence of the city it represents, offering a remarkable opportunity for a distinctive automotive journey.

Join Angelina and countless other car enthusiasts who have harnessed the power of color, transforming their vehicles into mobile works of art.
Let Gloss Gulf Blue be the catalyst for an extraordinary automotive experience.
Our heartfelt gratitude to Angelina Dimova for sharing her story with us for this week’s Feature Friday.

Happy and safe driving! 🚗💨

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