Featured Project: Lucky’s Nail Spa by Retinal Elation​

Here at APA America we aren’t just about the product. It’s what you can do with the product, what you can create that we want to focus on. And well let’s face it, Gorgeous custom creations are what APA is all about!
Retinal Elation, a Large Format Printing and Design Company, recently used our 771-FX Repositionable Frost Film to turn Lucky’s window front entryway into a Luxurious Oasis. Each Window Panel was designed to have a full Frost Material cover with pickout Frost-Reveal Branding and Leaf-design.
Up close, you can see the clean and crisp appeal of the Frost-Reveal. Which was easy to install.
No Wet, No Mess. Just transfer tape apply, peel back and voila! A stunning design in beautiful APA frost.
Speaking with the installation crew, they were thrilled with the ease of application. This multi panel frost installation was done in almost no time at all. A total of five panels for the front display and two additional on the side was around 30 minutes!
Some of the unique panels also feature the APA Elite Fast Gloss Vinyl as an RTA overlay. This adds a sleek, polished “Manicured” salon finish. The same APA Vinyl can be seen on the modern Acrylic Buildout on the pictures.
Note* The 771-FX Repositionable Frost Film can be printed on directly for patterns, hours etc. In this case the design team decided to go with the RTA overlay and the EliteFast was the perfect compliment. Please stay tuned for future Projects showing our Frost designed with Print!
Want to have your work featured on the APA site? We LOVE hearing about your projects and how much you love using APA to make them extraordinary! Contact the Sales and Marketing team at info@AMprimaclasse.com to share the LOVE!

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