evolv pro dealer program

Introducing the EVOLV Pro Dealer Program

Hey there, car enthusiasts and business owners! We’re revving up excitement as we unveil our brand-new Pro Dealer Program, designed to take your business to the next level. If you’re passionate about cars and looking to boost your brand visibility, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

What is the EVOLV Pro Dealer Program?

Introducing the EVOLV Pro Dealer—a network of independent wrap shops proudly affiliated with our brand. Our handpicked EVOLV Pro Dealer installers epitomize excellence in showcasing EVOLV products. Your go-to destination for all car wrap needs, our Pro Dealers specialize in tail-light tinting, chrome deletion for all vehicles, and the latest advancements in PPF technology. Count on our trained personnel to navigate you through our comprehensive product range, providing tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements. For the latest colors and cutting-edge products in the market, there’s no better choice than an official EVOLV Pro Dealer.

evolv sema show 2023
evolv sema show 2023


Puerto Rico


How to Become a Pro Dealer?

Becoming a Pro Dealer is as smooth as a well-maintained highway. Simply reach out to our team through the dedicated Pro Dealer portal on our website. Once you’ve submitted your application, our team will review it and get in touch with you to discuss the details. We’re looking for partners who share our passion for excellence and a drive to transform the automotive landscape.

Benefits of Joining

      1. Premium Discounts: As a Pro Dealer, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts on our top-of-the-line car wrap vinyl products. Maximize your profit margins while offering your clients the best in the business.

      1. Marketing Support: Get ready to accelerate your brand awareness! Pro Dealers gain access to our marketing toolkit, complete with customizable promotional materials, social media assets, and co-branded content. Leverage our expertise to boost your online presence and attract more customers.

      1. Priority Access to New Products: Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive access to our latest innovations. Pro Dealers are the first to experience and showcase our cutting-edge car wrap vinyl products, keeping you at the forefront of industry trends.

      1. Dedicated Account Manager: Your success is our priority. Pro Dealers receive personalized support from a dedicated account manager who understands your business goals and helps you navigate the program effectively.

    Why Join?

        1. Boost Your Bottom Line:

          • Take advantage of exclusive discounts to increase your profit margins.

            1. Stand Out from the Competition:

              • Leverage our premium products to offer unique and eye-catching customization options for your clients.

                1. Strategic Marketing Support:

                  • Access professionally designed marketing materials to enhance your brand visibility and attract more customers.

                    1. Stay Ahead of the Curve:

                      • Be the first to showcase our latest products, staying ahead of industry trends and impressing your clients with cutting-edge solutions.

                    Ready to take the driver’s seat in your industry? Join our Pro Dealer Program today and experience the fast lane to success!
                    Together, let’s transform the automotive world one wrap at a time.

                    Get started by applying here and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

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