New 4 RepoTac colors - EVOLV

New 4 RepoTac colors

New 4 Repo-Tac colors released in U.S.:
– Gloss Liquid Pearl Orange – CW/999.31X
– Satin White – CW/R80X
– Satin Metallic Deep Blue – CW/R89.6X
– Matte Metallic Voltage Blue – CW/R89.62X
Prestigious cast films for permanent wrapping applications, extremely easy to apply, thanks to the innovative repositionable adhesive which, upon application, facilitates the positioning of the film and favors air ejection through micro-channels (RepoTac-Air Free System). Its formulation and thickness give the film an excellent covering power and high mechanical resistance upon application. Film removal, even after a long time, is simple and clean. B-S2-D0 reaction to fire. Long-term application to light colored vehicles is not recommended.

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