New Decor Catalog

New Decor Catalog is here now!
Self-adhesive films
could be a simple and cost-effective alternative for your interior design projects. Remodel all kind of spaces by
wrapping existing surfaces, creating an elegant and uncluttered look that reduces waste and disruption compared to traditional renovations.
In this style guide, you will find the benefits of wrapping not just walls, even cabinets, doors and much more.
You will be able to see all the colors and textures available on our collections, starting with the cover films which are the perfect solution for any architectural covering installation, and the elegance films which are the perfect answer for a new “green” demand coming from the market.
A selection of recent transformations using our self-adhesive architectural films, the technical specifications and even some of our wrap tools.
Get the time to discover new items and make the best choices to enjoy the experience of being transported through images and stories.
You can’t miss the chance of having this amazing Decor Catalog on your hands.
Also there is an option to download the catalog but wouldn’t be better to get this amazing samples?!
Click in the link below to get it with our Decor Sample Kit!

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