Introducing our latest color Gloss Coral

Introducing our latest color just in time for the summer: Gloss Coral!

The bold, vibrant and warm Gloss Coral is a cross between bright orange and soft pink that gains everyone’s attention. This is a high-energy, trendy shade that is going to give the perfect indistinguishable touch to your car. This zesty color is lively and vivid and will make your car look chic and ready for the sun filled days! Gloss Coral was created for those who desire to be unique.

Gloss Coral is part of the America edition line, designed for those who want to be trendsetters with latest, fresh, and unique colors. These fashionable colors are for those who are not scared to show off their personality and are ready to stand out from the crowd.

All America edition colors are designed and developed in Miami (USA) and tailored made in Milan (ITALY). America Edition colors feature the latest technologies and the most updated features:

  • Pressure-sensitive Ultrajet adhesive designed to make the wrapping much more effective and efficient. UltraJet technology also has a Slidablity feature, which assists in gliding the vinyl wrapping film material to the specific position.
  • PET liner protection (for the gloss colors only) designed to give the vinyl a super glossy finish and create less orange peel.

Looking for the next trend? You’ve found it!

Every month we are coming out with something new! Stay posted for our new releases! We have some exciting things coming your way!

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