Introducing our New Gloss Jet Black

Introducing our brand new Gloss Jet Black! This version is more glossier and more black than the regular Gloss Black, making this new Gloss Jet Black look almost paint-like. This version of the Gloss Jet Black also includes our new PET liner, which keeps the film super glossy and creates less orange peel. This elegant, yet subtle color is a popular color, and looks beautiful on any car. What’s really great about Gloss Jet Black is that it works well on its own or in combination with any other color. It looks great as a full wrap or as well when used to do partial wraps or small details. Gloss Jet Black is perfect for all your car wrapping needs!

Gloss Jet Black is made with APA’s new Ultrajet Technology! This technology is designed to make the wrapping much more effective and efficient. Ultrajet technology is made with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which makes the installation process of the material much easier and faster. Our UltraJet technology also has a Slidablity feature, which assists in gliding the vinyl wrapping film material to a specific position. APA’s Ultrajet technology works great on both flat and curved surfaces.

The color is available by rolls of 18 yards, 27 yards, and 54 yards roll. Gloss Jet Black is available by the yard. Shipping is free on the purchase of full rolls within the US.

Every month we are coming out with something new! Stay posted for our new releases! We have some exciting things coming your way!


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