New release: Frosted colors film

Our Window Film Series has an additional seven new products, including Frosted Colors!
These colors include: Frosted Pink, Frosted Green, Frosted Yellow, Frosted Blue and Frosted Gold
APA prides itself in offering Window Films with Quick Dry applications. This is possible because of the unique combinations of vinyl and glue offered exclusively by APA. Air channels in the “Air Free FTX System” films allow for hassle free, no mess, no bubble, installation.  We also offer a repositionable Frost Film containing the “Repotack Air Free System”. The same great visual appeal of our traditional Air Free system but with glue that allows for easy removal and reapplication during Install. Will the Repotak Air Free film last as long as the traditional Air Free FTX film? You bet! These films have ultra-permanent cohesion when applied correctly. Please Review the data sheets on our website for more information!!
With Easy Application, our Window Films are great for large scale installations: office suites, gyms, commercial storefronts, private residences and so much more! In fact, our ST771-FX, Repositionable Frost Film has been installed in a majority of the  Orangetheory Fitness locations. With over 1000 locations in the US, you’re bound to stumble across a real-world example of this amazing product right in your hometown!
So What’s new about our expanded series? Other than stunning color?
Our Frosted Color Line has been released without the Air Free system. Why take such a great feature away? To enhance the Visual Appeal of course!
While the Air Channels do not show the appearance of color disruption on our traditional/clear frost; the lack of air channels in our Colored and Sandblast Line eliminates any chance of color disruption when light shines through. For those who prefer the Silk-finish of the non-air release films we have also released a NEW FROST and NEW SANDBLAST film without our  “Air Free FTX System”.
You’re definitely going to want to start using these new films with all of your interior design clients. Offering Effects and Colors with the APA brand is a quick and easy way to transform any room, commercial or residential.
Want to see these new films in person? Contact our Sales Representative for an Etched Window Effect Sample kit today! Or login and get individual product samples through your APA Client Account!

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