New release: Satin Desertstorm

October Marks the Release of our long anticipated New Color: DesertStorm. After many requests, APA’s first ever US Exclusive Color the Gloss Sandstorm now comes in Satin!
DesertStorm is our Third Special Edition Color released in 2018. The success of our Gloss Sandstorm and Gloss Miami Blue paved the way for our bold new DesertStorm! This color is the perfect addition to the APA color family. DesertStorm brings balance to the rugged outdoor appeal of the Tacoma truck which inspired our original Gloss Sandstorm with the bold and luxurious feel created by our creamy smooth Satin finish.
This refined cast film is specifically designed for with covering power and high conformability in mind. And our Innovative RepoTack-Air Free Adhesive system allows for easy application and repositioning of the vinyl during installation. The film is certified for reaction to fire (B-S2-D0).

The Satin Desertstorm is available in 60”x 25 yd, 60” x 27 yd or 60” x 54 yd rolls or by yards. Please note, all shipping costs are free on purchases of full rolls within the United States.

We are always researching and creating new colors and effects, so stay tuned for even more to come!
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