The new repositionable Frost film has arrived

A new Frost film with “RepoTack” technology, and innovative repositionable adhesive!
Besides a wide range of FROST glass series films already available in a variety of grinding effect colors, the ST/771-FX is a new Frost that is extremely easy to apply, thanks to the innovative repositionable adhesive. After application, it facilitates positioning of the film and favors the ejection of air through the micro-channels of the “RepoTack-Air Free System”.
The new Frost has been designed with the aim of simplifying and speeding up operations on large glass surfaces, with the help of a single operator. ST/771-FX is equipped with a special repositionable channel adhesive which, besides favoring the ejection of air through invisible micro channels, has been formulated with a very low initial adhesion that makes the film easy to reposition, for a simple application. With film removal being so time-consuming, the new frost makes it easy to remove without releasing glue on the glass surface. The application temperature should not be less than 59 °F and strictly dry.
ST/771-FX is the epitome of a high-tech film, which has achieved a fire reaction certificate (B-S2-D0), designed for plotter carving along with indoor and outdoor use. ST / 771-FX is also easily printable with Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV, and Latex inks.
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