5 Mesmerizing Colors that came to life at the SEMA Show 2023

Hey there, car enthusiasts! We’ve got some exciting news rolling in – or should I say, wrapping in? Buckle up as we introduce our latest line of car wrap colors that are set to transform your vehicles into works of art. Drumroll, please, for the star-studded cast: Gloss Metallic Alien’s Soup, Satin Metallic Goldzilla, Satin Metallic Spritz Orange, Gloss Pearl Cryo Blue, and Rhino Black.

    • Gloss Metallic Alien’s Soup: Dive into the Extraterrestrial Elegance
      When exposed to light, Gloss Metallic Alien’s Soup truly comes to life. It gleams and shines, producing a mesmerizing interplay of reflections that sets it apart from conventional colors. This effect not only enhances the overall appearance but also accentuates the car’s contours, giving it a modern and high-tech aesthetic.

    • Satin Metallic Spritz Orange: Zest Up Your Drive with a Splash of Orange
      Satin Metallic Spritz Orange is more than just a color; it’s a vibrant celebration of life, a nod to the Italian art of savoring the moment, and a visual representation of the delightful Aperol Spritz. This unique and enchanting hue, with its rich history and captivating aesthetic, is a testament to the beauty that can be found in the everyday, inviting us to live life exuberantly, just like sipping on a chilled Aperol Spritz on a warm Italian evening.

    • Satin Metallic Goldzilla: Conquer the Streets with Gold-infused Green
      This extraordinary color derives its name from a clever fusion of “Godzilla,” the iconic cinematic giant of monstrous proportions, and the lush greenery of its origin, combined with the shimmering and regal connotations of gold. The green base of this color is rich and deep, reminiscent of the lush jungles where Godzilla has often found refuge. This base, with its satin finish, adds a touch of luxury and sensuousness to the overall look.

    • Gloss Pearl Cryo Blue: A collaboration with Paint is Dead
      Austin Smith, of Paint is Dead, has brought back another blue, back to back with YaasBlue Metallic, Cryo Blue Pearl brings the clearest blues into a clear pearl mixture, which results in one of the purest blue hues on the market! Cryo Blue Pearl is a refreshing, strong color, mixed with a deep liquid gloss to bring to life an amazing identity to your vehicle, unlike anything else on the market!
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    • Rhino Black: A Pro Dealer Exclusive Color
      Last but certainly not least, Rhino Black takes black to a whole new level. This textured black color adds depth and character to your vehicle, giving it a rugged and wild appearance. If you’re ready to embrace the untamed spirit of the road, Rhino Black is the perfect choice.

    There you have it—five sensational colors that are set to redefine the way you customize your ride. Whether you’re into the extraterrestrial allure of Gloss Metallic Alien’s Soup or the rugged charm of Rhino Black, our new car wrap collection has something for every style. Upgrade your ride and let your personality shine on the streets!

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