Gloss Metallic Alien’s Soup

Ultra-conformable Cast adhesive film.
Equipped with the “ULTRAJET Air free system” which guarantees the total absence of bubbles during installation.
Professional material Made in Italy.
Purchases of several yards will be sold all in one piece.
Resistant to water and UV rays.

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gloss metallic aliens soup
This unique color is bound to captivate onlookers and make a strong statement. Is an extraordinary and otherworldly color choice that effortlessly combines the cool and tranquil essence of teal with the sleek and luxurious appearance of glossy metallic finishes. The glossy metallic finish gives this teal hue a brilliant and reflective surface that exudes sophistication. When exposed to light, Gloss Metallic Alien’s Soup truly comes to life. It gleams and shines, producing a mesmerizing interplay of reflections that sets it apart from conventional colors. This effect not only enhances the overall appearance but also accentuates the car’s contours, giving it a modern and high-tech aesthetic. This color exudes confidence and uniqueness, making a memorable impression on the road or in any setting. It’s a color that dares to be different, reflecting a sense of adventure and curiosity. Lustrous green hue adorned with a glossy finish. Infused with subtle yet enchanting blue undertones, it evokes an exquisite and alluring blend of emerald and aqua, creating a rich and captivating visual experience.
evolv gloss metallic aliens soup
evolv gloss metallic aliens soup
evolv gloss metallic aliens soup
Weight1 lbs

4" x 8" Sample, 59" by 18 Yd Roll (4.9ft x 54ft), 59" by 27 Yd Roll (4.9ft x 81ft), 59" by 54 Yd Roll (4.9ft x 162ft), 59" by the Yard (1 to 17 yards)


Car Wrap







Material type



UltraJet (4th generation)



Introducing the Gemstone Collection: A Vibrant Palette for Unforgettable Car Wraps.

Transform your ride into a work of art with our exquisite Gemstone Collection, a range of captivating colors inspired by the brilliance and allure of precious gemstones. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these car wraps offer a seamless blend of elegance and uniqueness, allowing you to make a statement wherever you go.
Rare and precious cast film colors filled with color-shifting pigments that shimmer and change tone as the light hits your car differently.

Add a bit of magic to your car with our high metallic APA Gemstone Collection. These color-shifting colors bring a new kind of effect and dimension to your car, unlike any other color. A collection of stunning colors designed and produced in Milan (ITALY).

The ULTRAJET series features the new Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which helps install the material much faster and cleaner. The series also offer Slidablity features that assist in gliding the material in specific positioning. These features create the perfect user friendly technology and provide a much faster and slicker install to any project. Refined cast film specifically designed for wrapping applications and full or partial decorations of flat or shaped surfaces. The advantage of this film is the speed of application thanks to the new technology Ultra-Jet-System. Once easily placed, the film adheres to the surface simply by applying pressure with an applicator. Excellent covering power and high mechanical resistance upon application are ensured by its formulation and thickness.

Application temperature: suggested between 15° and 28°C. Seawater resistance: adhered to steel no variation after 100 h. at 20°C (Op. Instr. n° 14). The film is certified for reaction to fire (B-S2-D0).


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