It’s time for this week’s APA’s Feature Friday!

For this weeks Feature Friday we are happy to feature Brian Schultz! You can find him under the Instagram handle @5.0lmao .

Brian mentioned it was hard for him to choose a color since they are all awesome but Gloss Halo Lavender was the one he liked the most.

Brian worked in collaboration with Teddy Michon to wrap his 2021 Mustang GT at Drexel Wrapz in Martinsbury WV. The team at Drexel takes their time to perfect every panel before moving on to the next. 

Brain loves wrapping cars and going to car shows!

Brian gave APA America a 5/5 from his experience and mentioned the wrap has the best finish and quality he has ever used or had!

Thank you Brain for sharing with us for this week’s Feature Friday

Stay tuned for the next Feature Friday!


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