Feature Friday Gloss Wasabi

Feature Friday with J Parra: Introducing Gloss Wasabi

In today’s Feature Friday, we delve into the enchanting world of Gloss Wasabi with Jose Parra.
Exploring how this captivating hue is set to revolutionize car customization.
So, buckle up and join us on this vibrant journey!

Picture yourself cruising down the street in a car that turns heads at every corner.
Moreover, its sleek exterior, enhanced by the striking Gloss Wasabi car wrap, radiates an irresistible allure.
J Parra aka @e90.parra in Instagram, has notably managed to capture a blend of boldness with Gloss Wasabi.

In addition, the unique allure of Gloss Wasabi lies in its vibrant yet refined shade.
The hue exudes a dynamic energy that seamlessly combines subtlety with a touch of flamboyance.

J Parra said to us that he choose this Wasabi color for his E90 BMW 335i because “was in the market for a vibrant pastel color that would look great both in the sun and at night.”
Anyway, he nailed it.

In addition, he told us this is the second car he had with a wrap, the first being a ZN6 FRS which he wrapped itself and also have a Repsol CBR600RR that he’s looking to get wrapped as well.
We didn’t miss the opportunity to ask him what color he may want to see next and his response let us thinking: 
Yaas Blue but in a green finish!

J Parra worked in collaboration with Ghost Industries out in Schaumburg Illinois.
Additionally, he wanted to say “special thanks to Przemek and Chris for their attention to detail and communication throughout the whole process of wrapping the car.

Also, he gave EVOLV/APA 5/5 from his experience and mentioned that he “loved the finish and like how unique the gloss is compared to other light green wraps.”

Unleashing Creativity:
Gloss Wasabi has been carefully crafted to provide a seamless application process for car wrap.
Furthermore the high-quality pigments have been expertly mixed, resulting in a consistent color distribution and a flawless finish.
With Gloss Wasabi, J Parra encourages car owners to unleash their creativity and push the boundaries of customization.
The possibilities are endless, from subtle elegance to bold and daring designs.

As we conclude this exciting journey through Gloss Wasabi in this Feature Friday with J Parra, we cannot help but be enthralled by the immense potential it offers to car enthusiasts worldwide.
Its vibrant appeal, seamless application process, and long-lasting durability, this color is set to revolutionize the way we customize our vehicles.
So, why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary with Gloss Wasabi?

Thank you J Parra for sharing with us for this weeks Feature Friday.
Let your imagination run wild, and let your car shine like never before!

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