Gloss Metallic Yaas Blue

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  • Specially designed for US Market.
  • Ultra-conformable Cast adhesive film.
  • Equipped with the “ULTRAJET Air free system” which guarantees the total absence of bubbles during installation.
  • Professional material Made in Italy.
  • Purchases of several yards will be sold all in one piece.
  • Resistant to water and UV rays.
  • Special edition available only in 27 yards roll.
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Gloss Metallic Yaas Blue, the second color of the APA Signature Collection, has arrived. The APAxPiD Yaas Blue was developed with the Paint is Dead founder Austin Smith and the PiD crew that, from the beginning, had a clear vision for this new color. This color is not just an ordinary blue, it changes colors when the sun is shining on it, and there are glimses of pink. YAAS BLUE is a metallic color with a glossy finish, we are so excited for you to try this color!

This color leads with strength and force bringing your wrap experience to life, and verifying the fact that Paint is Dead.

Gloss Metal Yaas Blue is part of the APA Signature Collection, designed for those who want to be innovators with latest, fresh, and exclusive colors. These modern colors are for those who are not scared to show off their personality and are ready to stand out from the crowd.

All Signature Collection colors are designed and developed in Miami (USA) and tailored made in Milan (ITALY)

This color leads with strength and force bringing your wrap experience to life, and verifying the fact that Paint is Dead.



4" x 8" Sample, 59" by 18 Yd Roll (4.9 ft x 54ft), 59" by 27 Yd Roll (4.9 ft x 81ft), 59" by 54 Yd Roll (4.9ft x 162ft), 59" by the Yard (1 to 17 yards)

The ULTRAJET series features the new Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which helps install the material much faster and cleaner. The series also offer Slidablity features that assist in gliding the material in specific positioning. These features create the perfect user friendly technology and provide a much faster and slicker install to any project. Refined cast film specifically designed for wrapping applications and full or partial decorations of flat or shaped surfaces. The advantage of this film is the speed of application thanks to the new technology Ultra-Jet-System. Once easily placed, the film adheres to the surface simply by applying pressure with an applicator. Excellent covering power and high mechanical resistance upon application are ensured by its formulation and thickness.

Application temperature: suggested between 15° and 28°C. Seawater resistance: adhered to steel no variation after 100 h. at 20°C (Op. Instr. n° 14). The film is certified for reaction to fire (B-S2-D0).

Paint is Dead is involved in many areas of the industry, however you may best know Paint is Dead for it’s social media presence, with over 320k total viewers to our social media channel’s that reach upwards of 20million viewers monthly, we are the largest social media platform in the industry.

Paint is Dead also is a marketing/ buying group, with certified shops contributing to, as well as being a part of the world’s largest buying group. Paint is Dead Certified Member’s are brick and mortar shops that have proven to be power houses in their markets, as well as the overall wrap industry. Leader’s that conceptualize, and grow the industry with professionalism and respect, growing stronger with each other’s consistent help in all areas of a wrap business, and it’s growth.

Paint is Dead has triumphed over the past 15 years to bring the industry together, and is also involved in the WWWRAP (World Wide Wrap Recognition & Appreciation Party) in Las Vegas every year. This event is the premier wrap gathering for Shops, Installers, Brands and Manufacturers to convene to showcase new trends, colors, and meet and great with industry greats from around the world!

The APA Signature Collection is a partnership between premium brands, celebrities, and talented artists that share values and passions in the automotive industry.

These partnerships are here not to just develop new colors, but to bring a new whole experience in the car wrap game! A collection of stunning colors co-designed with each partner and tailored made in Milan (ITALY). For each color you can get the separate art printed in our cast film ready for bring extra exclusivity to your car.

What makes the APA Signature Collection unique? Each color features:
– custom box designed by the artist;
– collectable handmade limited edition enamel pin available only with the purchase of the roll of material;
– art poster designed by the artist (not available for purchase separately).

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