Did you hear? We have exciting news for you guys and that is… We are releasing 3 NEW CAR WRAP COLORS during the 2022 ISA International Sign Expo in Atlanta! We are more than thrilled to be releasing 3 premium car wrap colors: our Gloss Metallic Space Blue, Gloss Signal Yellow, and Satin Kirby Pink!

Our first release, Gloss Metallic Space Blue, like the sky above us, offers a deep blue hue with a double layer high gloss and a premium metallic finish. Space Blue is a rich blue which is unlike any other color present. This color is bound to keep you in sync with the universe. Inspired by the stars in the night sky, Gloss Metallic Space Blue is a timeless and classic color which you are sure to stand out in.
Our Kirby Pink is inspired by the infamous pink color of Kirby. The Kirby Pink represents the Kirby character who is a cheerful with a striking and bold pink color. Satin Kirby Pink is a perfect color match to the Kirby pink and captures the Kirby aura of being a seemingly cheery and sweet character whilst being strong and the best fighter. Pink is the color of the young and vibrant. It symbolizes cheerfulness, freedom, and confidence. That is why Satin Kirby Pink is an excellent car wrap color for your car. The Satin Kirby Pink will inspire you to be a happy warrior in life.
Our Gloss Signal Yellow is a color match of Porsche’s Signal Yellow. One of the most iconic and classic colors. Gloss Signal Yellow is a classic yellow hue with just a touch of red. The orange and red hues in the Signal Yellow give the wrap a sophisticated look. You are sure to stand out in the road with this new color. Signal Yellow also features a premium high gloss finish. This vinyl is not only gorgeous, it also adds value to any vehicle wrapped in the shade!

Our 3 new vinyl colors use our latest Ultrajet technology designed to maximize the results of the car wrap process. Ultrajet technology is made with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which makes the installation process of the material much easier and faster.  Our UltraJet technology also has a slidablity feature, which assists in gliding the vinyl wrapping film material to a specific position. APA’s Ultrajet technology works great on both flat and curved surfaces.

The colors are available by rolls of 18 yards, 27 yards, and 54 yards rolls. Our 3 colors are available by the yard as well. 

Shipping is free on the purchase of full rolls within the US.

We are always working on new colors. Stay tuned for some new releases coming soon!


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