The second color of the APA Signature Collection is finally here!

 The PID YAAS BLUE was designed and developed with the Paint is Dead founder Austin Smith and the PID crew. This color is not just an ordinary blue, it changes colors when the sun is shining on it, and there are glimses of pink. This color-shifting color bring a new kind of effect and dimension to your car, unlike any other color. You’ll be amazed by the new dimensions of shine that these colors can bring to your ride. YAAS BLUE is a metallic color with a glossy finish, we are so excited for you to try this color!

When you place an order for our GLOSS METALLIC YAAS BLUE, it comes with a custom box, pin, and poster, all with a printed design. 

Along with this color we are also releasing a 5 yard roll of the black and white printed design, art by Tyler Collins Printed on our 007 Ultrajet film laminate with Gloss cast lamination.

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