The APA Signature Collection is a partnership between premium brands, celebrities, and talented artists that share values and passions in the automotive industry.

These partnerships are here not to just develop new colors, but to bring a new whole experience in the car wrap game! A collection of stunning colors co-designed with each partner and tailored made in Milan (ITALY). For each color you can get the separate art printed in our cast film ready for bring extra exclusivity to your car.

What makes the APA Signature Collection unique?  Each color features:
– custom box designed by the artist;
– collectable handmade limited edition enamel pin available only with the purchase of the roll of material;
– art poster designed by the artist (not available for purchase separately).

On November 2nd we are launching the second color in our Signature Collection, in collaboration with Paint Is Dead. This release will take place at the WWW Wrap event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Make sure you RSVP for the event to be one of the first to see the new color! 

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