Carbon Fiber Racing Gloss Black 3D HS

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  • 3D Carbon Fiber Effect
  • Excellent Covering Power
  • Heat Sensitive
  • Ultrajet Technology
  • High Conformability
  • Professional material Made in Italy.
  • Purchases of several yards will be sold all in one piece.
  • Resistant to water and UV rays.
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Imagine a sleek, glossy black finish that exudes an aura of elegance and mystery. The black hue, inspired by the rich tones of carbon fiber, provides a foundation that sets the stage for the captivating 3D effect. As light dances across the surface, it creates an illusion of depth and movement, giving the impression that the car is in constant motion even when standing still. The 3D effect of Carbon Racing is a stunning display of artistic ingenuity. Subtle lines and contours create dynamic patterns that seem to shift and evolve as you move around the vehicle. This mesmerizing visual effect adds an element of intrigue, turning heads and captivating onlookers as the car glides down the road.


4" x 8" Sample, 59" by the Yard (1 to 17 yards), 59" by 18 Yd Roll (4.9 ft x 54ft), 59" by 27 Yd Roll (4.9 ft x 81ft), 59" by 54 Yd Roll (4.9 ft x 162 ft)


Car Wrap, Interior Decorations


Carbon Fiber


Gloss, Texture

Material type



RepoTac FTX (3rd generation)

RepoTack technology

Refined cast film specifically designed for wrapping applications and full or partial decorations of flat or shaped surfaces. Extremely easy to apply thanks to the innovative repositionable adhesive “RepoTack-Air Free System” which facilitates the positioning of the film and favors air ejection through micro-channels. Its formulation and thickness give the film an excellent covering power and high conformability.

Mainly used for Car Wrap. The film can also be used inside the vehicle for interior door handles, center consoles and dashboards or outside the vehicle for applications such as rear view mirrors, exterior panels, wheel arches, hoods and bumpers.

Application temperature: suggested between 15° and 28°C. Seawater resistance: adhered to steel no variation after 100 h. at 20°C (Op. Instr. n° 14). The film is certified for reaction to fire (B-S2-D0).

Please keep in mind that post-heating is very important. For post-heating, please make sure that you use a heat gun at 215°F.

2 reviews for Carbon Fiber Racing Gloss Black 3D HS

  1. Paul

    Very well worth the money.

  2. Tyler

    Good service.

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