Satin Supercandy Gold

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  • Double-layered
  • Excellent Covering Power
  • Heat Sensitive
  • Repositionable Feature
  • High Conformability
  • Professional material made in Italy.
  • Purchases of several yards will be sold all in one piece.
  • Resistant to water and UV rays.
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Prepare to be captivated by a color that exudes opulence, sophistication, and a touch of grandeur, elevating any vehicle to new heights of luxury. Satin Supercandy Gold envelops the vehicle in a rich, lustrous finish that exudes an aura of prestige and exclusivity. This exquisite color boasts a satin sheen that adds depth and dimension to every curve and contour, accentuating the car’s sleek lines with a touch of indulgence. Satin Supercandy Gold embraces a warm and radiant glow, reminiscent of the sun’s gentle caress at dusk. Satin Supercandy Gold stands as a testament to refined taste and discerning style, appealing to those who appreciate the finer things in life. It embodies a sense of prestige and accomplishment, elevating any vehicle to a symbol of success.


4" x 8" Sample, 59" by the Yard (1 to 17 yards), 59" by 18 Yd Roll (4.9 ft x 54ft), 59" by 27 Yd Roll (4.9 ft x 81ft)


Car Wrap, Interior Decorations


Gold, Yellow



Material type



RepoTac FTX (3rd generation)



Refined cast film specifically designed for wrapping applications and full or partial decorations of flat or shaped surfaces. Extremely easy to apply thanks to the innovative repositionable adhesive “RepoTack-Air Free System” which facilitates the positioning of the film and favors air ejection through micro-channels. Its formulation and thickness give the film an excellent covering power and high conformability.

Mainly used for Car Wrap. The film can also be used inside the vehicle for interior door handles, center consoles and dashboards or outside the vehicle for applications such as rear view mirrors, exterior panels, wheel arches, hoods and bumpers.

Application temperature: suggested between 15° and 28°C. Seawater resistance: adhered to steel no variation after 100 h. at 20°C (Op. Instr. n° 14). The film is certified for reaction to fire (B-S2-D0).

Please keep in mind that post-heating is very important. For post-heating, please make sure that you use a heat gun at 215°F.

The APA Candy Collection brings a new double layer film technology in the market. Like the automotive Candy paints, APA CANDY colors are double layers: an high metallic silver layer first and a translucent color layer that shines in the sunlight, giving it a candy-like appearance on top.
Do you want to look dark and mysterious or happy as sunshine? These CANDY colors give another layer to your personality as it showcases a unique side of your identity. You might be known as the life of the party which is why you chose your vibrant sparkling red, or cool as ice with your shimmering blue ride.

You’ll be amazed by the new dimensions of shine that these colors can bring to your ride. A collection of stunning colors designed and produced in Milan (ITALY).

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