Standard Car Wrap Class

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2-day wrap and installation class focused on fundamentals for full print vehicle wraps and color change with our materials. Instructors focus on properties of the material and installation techniques with our products.

The Standard Car Wrap Class is for anyone who wants to gain knowledge and learn the necessary skills to wrap cars with our products. The class covers topics such as cutting techniques, proper installation of material, business tips, and much more. With this knowledge, you will be able to start your journey in the car wrap world with confidence.

Workshops are 80% hands-on for color change and vehicle graphics.


  • Introduction and goals for the day.
  • Differences and characteristics of cast and calendered material.
  • Basic and advanced tools for best installation.
  • Hardware Removal.
  • Proper cleaning products.
  • Cutting techniques and tools.
  • Different application techniques (Triangles/The Palm/Cold Pre-Stretch Techniques).
  • Corner techniques and practice.
  • Post-heat.
  • Hoods and fenders.


  • Roofs, antenna and mirrors.
  • Door handles and bumpers practice.
  • Knifeless tape techniques.
  • Introduction to tail-light films.
  • Post install Tips, Network, Pricing, Up-Selling and Cross-Selling, Retain customers.


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