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FAQ Interior Films

16. Are your films heat resistant?

The ideal application temperature for adhesive coatings is between 15 and 25 °C, so you can easily apply it in a house, hotel or office. Therefore, for example, avoid placing a very hot object such as a pan directly on the coating.

20. What primer do I need to use?

The standard Primer is a water-based bonding liquid for porous surfaces that absorb and the Solvent Primer is solvent-based for laminated and hard (non-absorbent) surfaces. The application of the water-based primer is done on the entire surface while the solvent primer is applied only at the edges, corners and all critical points.

18. Can you safely remove the films?

It is entirely possible to remove our films without risk if it is applied to a laminated surface. However, if it is applied to wallpaper or paint for example, your original surface will be damaged.

17. Are these films subject to scratching?

It depends on the coating. In fact, structured adhesive vinyls like the Wood range have few problems with scratches, unlike “smooth” vinyls like the Solid Color range, for example. Our “Soft Touch” series is treated with a silicone that makes it even more robust with regard to scratches.

14. Can you install your films in a bathroom?

Yes, the adhesive coatings are moisture resistant. You can apply them on shower, bathtub or bathroom furniture as long as the surface is clean before applying the vinyl. However, we advise you to apply silicone to edges in contact with water. Certain ranges are of course not recommended such as glitter, leather, etc.

13. Can the films fit all shapes?

Most of the references are not intended only for application on a flat surface, they can stretch up to 15% in order to adapt to many surfaces.

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