Do I need to post-heat?

Post-heat is a crucial step that can’t be missed; especially on all RepoTack colors. Our films will lose memory between 205 to 215 Fahrenheit (95-100 degrees Celsius) Once it reaches that temperature the memory dies.
You must use a heat gun because the propane torch is too strong and provide less control of the heat! Must also use an infrared thermometer in unison with the heat gun to be able to measure the vinyl’s temperature during the post-heating process.

Heat the area by moving the heat gun around or back-and-forth (do not keep it stationary pointing at one spot as it may over-heat the vinyl too quickly) and use your temperature gauge to ensure the heat at the right temperature. So be sure to apply this to all complex shapes, recesses and extrusions: bumpers, mirrors, overlaps etc. If you don’t do this your vinyl could return to its original shape and start lifting, bubbling & curling if over stretched.

Never forgot your IR gauge. By thinking you can achieve the same results by just heating for a longer period of time. That type of guesswork is dangerous as you may overheat the vinyl and damage the finish!

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