11. How to properly apply the APA truck vinyl?

For a correct application of the APA Truck vinyl, place the curtain you want to decorate on a flat and rigid surface. If the curtain is placed on the truck it is necessary to put a rigid panel behind the curtain. The application of the APA Truck vinyl must be done at a temperature no less than 10°C. To obtain the maximum adhesion of the vinyl onto the curtain we recommend the dry application method. We advise against using the wet application method, as the porosity of the curtain could detain parts of the liquid. The trapped liquid between the vinyl and the curtain could compromise the adhesion of the vinyl. Use a low/medium tack application tape to avoid using too much force when removing it. Using a higher tack could result in a detachment of the vinyl from the curtain. Remove the tape at least half an hour after the application, this will allow the adhesive of the APA Truck vinyl to adhere to the curtain. The maximum adhesion of the APA Truck vinyl happens after 48 hours. Therefore, we recommend to allow the curtain rest for at least 72 hours before using the vehicle. If possible, avoid putting the vinyl on top of other vinyl and onto parts of the curtain that undergo strong excessive mechanical stress or continuous bends like the areas of opening/closure. The APA Truck vinyl must be applied onto a smooth curtain. Do not apply onto folds, creases and seams.

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