18. What is the correct aftercare for this vinyl?

The curtain must be washed with non-aggressive detergents (no solvents or steam washes 100°C) and put much attention to the use of the pressure pistol: an insistent water jet exerted on the borders of the vinyl could create detachments and compromise the adhesion of the decoration. We recommend that you communicate these cleaning instructions of the curtain to the end user.

The surface of the vinyl is delicate and therefore should be treated with care. Avoid rubbing against objects that could cause scratches or ripping of the vinyl beyond repair. An extended exposure to solar rays and to atmospheric agents could provoke a premature aging of the film. In regards to the digital print series, gloss films can lose shine and give a matte appearance. We recommend protecting the decorated surface from the sun and the elements to the greatest extent possible. For good maintenance of the vinyl, regular cleaning is recommended. To maintain the original finish of the vinyl with clear colors it is essential not to allow dirt to accumulate. In order to save the graphics, always roll the banner with graphics face up. Never fold the banner. If a film deterioration should arise, for example, fading, change of color or become brittle, the an immediate removal is recommended.

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