01. What is the APA Truck film?

APA TRUCK was made with goal of making the decoration of truck curtains faster and simpler, reducing expensive downtime and, above all, offering our customers a greener and healthier alternative to paint.

APA truck material is a Superior quality Cast Truck film with a high level covering power, specifically manufactured for PVC curtain sided vehicles. Equipped with the exclusive APA-ColTruck/ UltraP Plus adhesive, APA truck has been formulated to weld onto the PVC curtain surface and with it resist the strains they are subjected. Thanks to its high degree of conformability and elasticity the film, when applied, perfectly follows the curtain textures and does not fear rolling up. Excellent coverage and excellent printability with brilliant and defined colors. For a dry application only.

APA TRUCK, an ultra-conformable and elastic cast film, is formulated to stick to PVC curtains, so that they can withstand the stress to which they are subjected to daily on the roads across the world.

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