Which Vinyl should I choose, Cast or Calendared?

When choosing your vinyl there are many options on the market. The two main contenders are whether you should choose a cast or calendered film. In this article we will go over the main differences between Cast and Calendered film so you can make a better informed decision on your vinyl, whether it is for your vehicle wrap or signage!

Cast film

Cast film is referred to as cast due to the manufacturing process of the vinyl, which is a cast application. Cast film is referred to as premium film due to its premium qualities. It is more durable than Calendared, it is more resistant to UV rays and fading by the sun. This allows colors to last longer without fading.  For this reason, Cast film is the best choice for those in hotter climates with extreme sun. Cast films are at a higher price point than Calendared films. Cast film is also praised for its usability and stretchability. This allows a better conformability around edges and a less stiff material.

 Cast film is the best choice for car wrap. Cars are exposed to many elements, you want to choose the most durable wrap for your car to protect against the outdoor elements. Durability is needed for architectural wraps to resist damage from cleaning products and everyday wear and tear.  

Calendared Film

Calendared Film is referred to as the economic film due to its lower price point. Just like Cast, Calendared gets its name from the manufacturing process which is a calendaring process. Calendared film is made from the same material as Cast, which is  polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polymer as their primary ingredient. Although they have the same main ingredient, the final product is very different. Calendared film is much thicker than Cast with an average of 2.5 to 4 mils thick. This creates a stiffer vinyl. This vinyl is good for application to flat or simple surfaces due to its stiffness. Calendared film has less UV filters which causes the film to be less durable and the colors to fade faster. Calendared film is the most common choice for architectural vinyl.

Which Vinyl should I choose?

When it comes to your vehicle, it is always recommended to go with the high quality and longer lasting option. Cast film is just that. Vehicles are exposed to many elements on a daily basis, uv rays, dirt, rocks, harsh chemical soaps. Cast car wrap does a great job of protecting your car from these elements, and is a much longer lasting material keeping your colors on your car vibrant and not faded. 

The Cast wrap we recommend is our newest line Ultrajet. The ULTRAJET series features the new Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which helps install the material much more faster and cleaner. The series also offer Slidablity feature, that assist in gliding the material in specific positioning. These features create the perfect user friendly technology and provide a much faster and slicker install to any project.  Once easily placed, the film adheres to the surface simply by applying pressure with an applicator. Excellent covering power and high mechanical resistance upon application are ensured by its formulation and thickness.

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