PRO Gloss Clear PPF

  • Coating technology
  • Up to 40% more stain resistant than other films
  • Defends against acid rain
  • Hydrophobic
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HERO™ PRO Gloss is our main PPF product and is a crystal clear PPF using superior topcoat technology with resistance to the external environment and antifouling. HERO™ PRO Gloss offers all superior properties, such as non-yellowing, anti-fouling, water repellency, anti-contamination, and self-healing. You can enjoy enhanced workability with excellent elongation, easy repositioning & removal on the installation.
ppf evolv gloss clear
ppf evolv gloss clear
ppf evolv gloss clear
Weight 20 lbs

4" x 8" Sample, 60" by 1 Yard (5ft x 3ft), 60" by 16 Yd Roll (5ft x 50ft), 60" by 2 Yd Roll (5ft x 6ft), 60" by 4 Yd Roll (5ft x 12ft), 60" by 8 Yd Roll (5ft x 24ft)


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