PRO Satin Clear PPF

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  • Coating technology
  • Up to 40% more stain resistant than other films
  • Defends against acid rain
  • Hydrophobic
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Unlike existing matte PPF which makes the matte dull, HERO™ PRO Satin gives a luxurious and delicate reflection to the original paint. You can take any gloss vehicle and give it that modern satin look just by wrapping it. It gives you the looks and the protection in one single film. You can enjoy enhanced workability with an excellent adhesion finish. HERO™ PRO Satin can also be used to wrap an entire vehicle’s gloss paintwork to create a custom appearance while protecting the original paintwork underneath.
ppf evolv satin clear
ppf evolv satin clear
Weight20 lbs

4" x 8" Sample, 60" by 1 Yard (5ft x 3ft), 60" by 16 Yd Roll (5ft x 50ft), 60" by 2 Yd Roll (5ft x 6ft), 60" by 4 Yd Roll (5ft x 12ft), 60" by 8 Yd Roll (5ft x 24ft)

1 review for PRO Satin Clear PPF

  1. Ricky

    Love the satin stealth finish!

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